Public Talks & Initiatives on Environment-Animals-Community Issues

As part of our efforts to share knowledge and inspire people to take action, we organise talks & conferences on key issues impacting the environment, animals, and people in Singapore. Tailored for the general public, these events share insights from researchers and conservationists on-the-ground, and discuss how we can all play a part in helping Singapore develop sustainably.

Primate Sessions


JGIS’ annual Primate Sessions started in 2014 and aims to help the community understand more about the other primates in Singapore and the challenges they face. The inaugural session saw four primate researchers sharing their insights & recommended actions on the long-tailed macaques & the banded leaf monkey:

1. Reconnecting Banded Leaf Monkey Populations Using Canopy Bridges by Andie Ang

Andie spoke on the ecology and conservation of Singapore’s banded leaf monkeys, and suggested the use of inexpensive aerial bridges between tree canopies as a conservation solution to prevent roadkills & to reconnect isolated banded leaf monkey populations.


2. How Wild are Our Wild Monkeys in Parks? By Joys Tan & Lai Chui Ting 

Joys & Chui Ting spoke about how Singapore’s macaques are learning to associate humans with food and thus approaching humans. Unfortunately, some people misunderstand the behaviour with aggression. They emphasized the importance of not feeding the macaques and concluded with the powerful message of “Only when they are truly wild, can they be truly protected”.


3. Working Hand-In-Hand: Understanding Singapore’s Long-Tailed Macaques by Jayasri Lakshminarayanan

Jayasri, our very own “Monkey Walker”, shared two programmes that are helping to reduce human-macaque conflicts. The first is the Monkey Walks that she conducts monthly to help people learn more about the long-tailed macaques. The next is the Ambassadors for Nature programme, also a collaboration with NParks, that trains secondary school students to interact with park goers, teaching them more about the macaques. She concluded with an invitation to have more volunteers as Monkey Walkers & Ambassadors.


The Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore) or JGIS is the local chapter of the organisation founded by Dr Jane Goodall to empower people to make a difference for all living things. JGIS is a registered society in Singapore. Our ROS number is RROS 1066/2007, and our registered address is 141 Cecil Street, #08-05, Singapore 069541.


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