Monkey Walks 

We are not the only primates in Singapore - the long-tailed macaques, banded leaf monkeys, and slow lorises are the three other primate species that share this island with us. 

The most ‘visible’ of them are the macaques, and you might have seen them at places like MacRitchie Reservoir Park and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Macaques are intelligent and have a complex social network, making the observation of their day-to-day lives interesting. 

Unfortunately, there have been human-macaques conflicts due to our lack of awareness on how to behave around macaques. We believe that people's behaviour influences the behaviour of the macaques. Therefore, the first step is for us to understand macaques better, and then behave in an appropriate manner, eventually eliminating conflicts.

Quiz - Macaques Expressions

Think you know our macaques? See if you can decipher what their various expressions mean with this "How am I feeling?" quiz created by Joanne Ong Cui Fang, Jordan Ong Huan Yun, Tricia Teo Wei Tian, Teo Min Ru, and Quek Xiao Tong. 

Five types of expressions

Different types of emotions conveyed - Can you guess which is which?

  • Surrendering
  • Warning people to go away
  • I'm going to attack!
  • Threatening other animals
  • Chilling out

Threatening other animals  |  I'm going to attack!  |  Chilling out  |  Surrendering  |  Warning people to go away

Want to know more? As part of our efforts to share knowledge about the long-tailed macaques, JGIS has collaborated with NParks to conduct monthly guided walks. The walks are conducted by our Monkey Walkers, who are either our primatologists or guides trained by our primatologists. The walk is restricted to not more than 20 participants, and are currently held at MacRitchie Reservoir Park.

To learn about our fellow primates whom we share the island with, sign up for a Monkey Walk today! 

If you want to join JGIS as a volunteer Monkey Walker, sign up to be an apprentice and we’ll provide the necessary training. 

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